Celebrating 15 years of LOVE!

I was talking with Sabrina one day and she mentioned that this year her and her husband would be celebrating a 15 year wedding anniversary. Now that is a big deal and Sabrina didn't want to let this special occasion go by without notice. She told me that she had been thinking about renewing their wedding vows or taking a trip.

I told Sabrina my story about how my husband and I didn't have any wedding photos. So for our 10 year wedding anniversary we did formal portraits together to capture our relationship. She loved the idea. When it came time to start planning hubby was on board! We discovered together that what they really wanted was portraits that captured their relationship and their love for each other.

In studio Sabrina started out in makeup and I was able to take some individuals of her husband Greg. By the time we were ready to start shooting couples portraits we were all laughing and having a good time. We had so much fun that getting the calm relaxed poses were actually the hardest.

In the end we absolutely nailed the concept and created images that they will be able to enjoy for their entire lifetime. Hopefully some day their children will have these images on their walls and tell their children about what a special relationship their parents have.

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