Dawn Candy built a brand to elevate your brand.

My friend Dawn Candy is currently celebrating 10 years in business here in the woodlands, tx! I want to celebrate her success with her and learn a little bit more about how she is doing it too.

Dawn explains more about her business:

"I Promote You is a locally owned and operated strategic marketing firm. We work with businesses to help them establish and maintain brand recognition and awareness, attract new customers and show their employees and customers how much they are appreciated. We provide printed materials and collateral as well as branded promotional products that are considered useful and are highly valued."

What made you decide to open your own business?

"In 2008 I realized that I wanted to own my own business and build a future for myself. In my mind, no one could take care of me better than me."

How do you think your one on one business model with clients helps them vs. ordering through big companies?

"When selecting the type of product a customer will utilize for brand recognition and awareness they often times overlook the demographic of their target market/audience. Will their audience appreciate the item and utilize it in their daily activities with ease, and is the items quality consistent with their brand. Budget is important, however you should never sacrifice the brand consistency with an inexpensive item. (As an example, Mercedes Benz doesn’t give you your new key on a plastic key ring)"

What have you found to be the best ways to network and connect with other people?

"Face to face networking to meet new people, but then scheduling a one on one to learn more about them and making a more personal connection and building a relationship."

If you could give yourself advice when you first started your business, knowing what you know now, what would it be?

"Don’t be afraid to hire help when needed- it will help you grow your company the way you envisioned it to be."

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