From Fantasy to Reality

My friend Leslie approached me over the summer about wanting to do a dream photo shoot. She was planning it out months in advance so she would feel confident about every aspect of the shoot. Not only that but it was something wonderful for both of us to look forward too. She showed me inspiration images of Old Hollywood , Flappers and period drama looks. Obviously I was in for a fun and creative photo shoot!

Leslie had also recently lost a significant amount of weight so this was a great non food reward for herself. What better way to celebrate?!!

The photo shoot was more fun than either of us could have hoped for. We laughed and enjoyed every minute of what seemed like kids playing makeup and costumes just for fun. A little of the dresses she brought and a few of the dresses I have in my studio wardrobe and we made a great day of it. Not to mention that Jessica my makeup artist was there the whole shoot to not only do her makeup but touch up as we went. If that isn't Hollywood status I don't know what is!

We managed to shoot several different styles and genres. Each one fun and exciting in its own way and perfect for her personality.

Did I also mention Leslie is 50??? 50 and Fabulous!!! I think women of any age should take her lead. You are beautiful! Don't hide and don't be afraid to show it!

Now I have known Leslie for many years and I know how much she loves dogs. I also know that for many years she volunteered at St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary . She also loves Christmas and obviously dressing up! I thought about here and decided to create what I though was a perfect work of art for her home.

She loved it too! It will be perfectly displayed on her walls. What better way to remember our session and celebrate her!

If you are interested in celebrating what makes you unique call the studio for information and to share your ideas. 936-537-5273

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