Hannah Loves Horses

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Hannah. Hannah loves singing, playing tennis, drawing and swimming. However, most of all she loves horses. She is fifteen years old but she has been riding horses since she was only one. Currently she rides at Horse of Course Stables in Conroe. One of the horses she has fallen in love with is Princess who is actually blind in one eye but Hannah insists doesn't make her any less capable. Hannah chose Princess for her photoshoot.

Before we started the shoot this is what Hannah looked like. Pretty much what any teenage girl looks like when she is planning on being outside and riding.

However, a photoshoot is not a normal riding day so a little hair and makeup was included before we got started. My makeup artist Jessica Musselman was there to give Hannah the model treatment.

After hair and makeup it was time to put on the dress and grab Princess for the close up portrait. The dress was a two piece dress from my studio wardrobe collection that came from Couture House in the Woodlands. It was a perfect match for the the coloring of Princess. Horse of Course Stables made a beautiful venue to shoot the portrait.

In the end it all came together and you can see how much Hannah loves Princess. They are matched perfectly.

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