Makeup vs. No Makeup for a Photo Shoot

There is much more to a photo shoot to think about than just a camera. My job is to make sure everything on shoot day flows together: wardrobe, lighting, pose, expression, styling and also Makeup!

It all has to come together to create the image that best represents you.

Your face will be the center of the photo shoot and it is important to make sure your makeup application is flawless!

No Makeup:

Here is an image of my lovely makeup artist Jessica with a clean face and no makeup.

Step 1: Concealer

Even if your not big on makeup a little concealer helps reduce dark circles on picture day. However, in this image Jessica has more than just concealer going on. For a clean beauty look Jessica applied face primer, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, lip stick, eyeliner, mascara.

This is what a lot of people think of when they think NO MAKEUP.

That is what makes this clean beauty "no makeup" look so amazing.

There are lots of clients who don't wear makeup in their daily life and stress about having makeup done for a photo shoot. In that case this clean makeup look may be the answer to look natural and polished for camera.

TIP: Men can benefit from a bit of powder to to help remove shine and make you look camera ready.

Step 2: Define the eyes

You could stop after step one but consider defining the eyes slightly more.

Engaging eye contact will stop a viewer in their tracks. Be sure to give the eyes the emphasis they deserve.

Step 3: Go Further and and some oomph!

If you are used to wearing makeup on a daily basis you will want to add a little extra on photo shoot day. When applied correctly camera ready makeup should be a touch more that your usual daily makeup.

Many time clients might look in the mirror and say "That is a tad much". Usually it is perfect for camera!

Seeing the difference from real life to camera usually surprises clients. The reason being is that in real life you are a three dimensional figure. Then you stand in front of lights and a camera and are flattened into a two dimensional image. Makeup helps create depth and dimension in your image.

In the image above Jessica contoured her face which most of us have heard that term in makeup. Using makeup in this way is actually mimicking light with shadows and highlights. What is lightest comes forward and what is darkest appears in shadow and recedes. Great makeup artists like Jessica use these trick to shape eyes, cheeks and highlight your best features.

False Lashes look AMAZING on portrait day! Bringing everything back to the eyes and the emphasis of the portrait false lashes kill every time! While false lashes take practice and can be tricky to apply yourself. A professional makeup artist like Jessica is skilled at fitting them and cutting them down to size for each client. Giving each beauty and head shot client a GORGEOUS LOOK!

At Chelsea Williams Photography we provide complimentary professional makeup application to take the stress out of your photo shoot and have you looking your best! YAY!

Your makeup is flawless and your ready for your close up!

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