Seeking REAL Women for Book!

Updated: Jan 3

A few months back I created a self portrait that showed half me as a mom and the other half of me as a beauty portrait photographer. I also created a similar image for my makeup artist showing her as a mom of a small baby and her as a professional makeup artist.

The response I got in return was absolutely phenomenal! Women came up to me from all over and told me how much they loved the image and how much they related to the image. So many women expressed the desire to show their two halves. Some dog moms and entrepreneur. Some women have a house full of messy teenagers. Overall everyone has a real life story to tell!

I want to tell those stories. I want to connect with women all over the Houston area. I want to hear about your kids, your husbands, your dogs, your work,your hobbies. I want to know what makes you, YOU.

So I have decided to publish a book telling all of these stories! I know exciting right?!! What I need now are real women. Women who want to tell their stories. Women who also want a session with full hair and makeup to show the other half of their lives. Women who are ready to embrace their beauty no matter what hat they may be wearing on any given day!

Here is the Deal: I am creating a specific art piece for each client and I want this art piece to hang on every woman's wall.

What participants get:

Style and Concept consultation

Full custom session with professional hair and makeup

Personal ordering appointment where you can choose from your images

A page in the upcoming Book

Invitation to VIP Release party just for participants

Bragging Rights!!!

What will your page say? What story do you have to tell?

To book your shoot and save your spot in the book call the studio 936-537-5273

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