The Evolution and Behind the Scenes of Half Mom Half Pro

I love what I do because I relate to women. I have a personal connection to each one of my clients. I feel what they are feeling and experience what they are experiencing. So recently I was talking to a friend about my personal life and my kids she challenged me not to hide that part of my life. To my friend she saw that I am a mom of small children just like many of my clients are moms. I was challenged to show the beautiful chaos of my life.

I have to tell you my first thought was "oh no I can not be photographed right now, I don't want to be real right now". I told my friend how I have put on more than a little weight over the past few months. Sure, I have my medical excuses but summer and snow cones don't help either. She assured me that this made me just like every other woman out there. In my mind I knew she was right! How many times have I heard women tell me they just needed to lose a little weight. My answer always is "just let me light and pose you well". Well like it or not I took this on as a challenge.

Behind every polished professional woman is real life. Real mess and real beautiful life.

The final image is something I am very proud of. However, I thought I would share some of the behind the scenes chaos.

Jessica who has been my makeup artist for over two years came to do my makeup for the shoot. I decided as part of my team she needed a portrait as well. Jessica has two children but her youngest is still a baby and makes life exciting.

Jessica is an extremely talented makeup artist who manages to balance being a mom with grace. Here are some of the fun behind the scenes from her photoshoot.

The real message I am trying to promote is that I get it! You are a wife, you are a mom, you are a daughter. Your life may not always be simple or perfect but you are still beautiful. You have a beautiful life. Don't hide from that. Be proud of your crazy beautiful life and exist in photos. Create memories. Do your best to take care of yourself as well as your loved ones.

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